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Traditional Intelligence and Strategy Game: Mangala/Göçürme


Name of the Element: Traditional Intelligence and Strategy Game: Mangala/Göçürme
Other Names of the Element: Mangala/Göçürme game is known with different names in many regions of Turkey.  We can give these names as examples: Köçürme (Divan-ü Lügati’t Türk), “Mankala”, “Kümelek”, “Dokuz Kuyu”, “Kuyulama”, “Yalak”,“Dokuz Taş”, “Emme”, “Kale”, “Kortik”, “Çakıldak”, “Çukur”, “Göcek”, “Emen”,“Mele”, “Hane”, “Kuyucuk Taşı”, “Göçme”, “Altıev”, “Mereköçtü” etc.    
Inventory Number of the Element  : 01.0112
Date of the Registration                   : 06 August 2014 
Date of Inventory Update for the Element: 14 March 2019
ICH Domains of the Element          :

     - Social practices, rituals and festive events

Provinces Submitted Inventory Form for the Element: Ankara, İstanbul


Brief Description about Element:

Mangala/Göçürme is a Turkish intelligence and strategy game which is usually played by two persons but it’s enable to be played by two groups too. It can be played on pits on the ground and also on special boards. The aim of the game which is playable by the people in all ages and genders, is to gather most pellets. It can be used nuts, seeds and pearls instead of stones. The game can be played by two, three or four pits arranged in order according to the number of players and the type of the game. The pellets are distributed across the pits and the player who gathers most pellets wins the game. The duration of the game varies according to the number of players and the rules of the game.

The game which had been played especially in palaces, inns and mosque’s courtyards during the Ottoman period, is seen one of the tools for socialization and culture sharing.   It can be monitored on many depictions and miniatures belongs to Ottoman period. The history of the game can be taken to the earliest periods of mankind along with the stone-carved mangala boards found in Göbeklitepe, Şanlıurfa. Today the element continues to function as socializing and cultural sharing with regards to be played at any time in different places such as houses, schools, courses, traditional celebration areas.

The element which finds its place in a wide geography, has a form that improves cognitive, motor, and social skills of practitioners and enhances the players strategic and creative thinking. There are dozens of different kinds of this game on Earth. The Mangala/Göçürme game which can be played by people of all ages and genders, provides the appropriate environment for the transmission of various social practices, including information about oral culture, as well as for sharing the knowledge and thoughts of people from various parts of the society. Also, it has a structure that supports cultural interaction and diversity with its tournaments which are held in festive moods at the local, national and international levels.

Geographical Location of the Element:

Concerned communities of the element declare that the element has been practiced all over the Turkey in their inventory forms. Provinces submitted inventory form for the element through Intangible Cultural Heritage Boards and where the element is more intensively practiced, are Ankara and Istanbul.

Related Group and Communities:

Throughout especially Ankara and İstanbul; related group and communities of the element are consist of heritage bearers and practitioners who plays the game, groups and communities of the element who are gathering to play the game at universities and school clubs and concerned NGOs of the element. Today, individuals and communities related to the element practice it under the roof of clubs in non-governmental organizations status. Currently, many non-governmental organizations have participated in national inventory registration.

Strategic Safeguarding Plan for the Element:

The National Safeguarding “Traditional Intelligence and Strategy Game: Mangala/Göçürme” Action Plan which was formed with the participation of related NGO’s and heritage bearers and practitioners on January 21,2019, consists of 5 main strategic objectives:

Strategic Goal 1: Research and Documentation

Strategic Goal 2: Capacity Building

Strategic Goal 3: Promotion and Raising Awareness

Strategic Goal 4: Safeguarding Activities Related to Transmission of the Element

Conducted Safeguarding Activities Related to the Element in the Provinces:

-Inter-school tournaments were held in Ankara and İstanbul and in various districts.
The TUBITAK Project “I’m Teaching Mangala to Teachers Candidates” (Yıldız Technical University Faculty of Education)